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MexControl in China for Mexicans

Are you having manufacturing or supplier problems with China suppliers and you cannot resolve them? MexControl is the only Mexican company inside China with Chinese staff that can solve your supplier problems. One of Mexico's biggest makers of water taps had China made quality defects of over 20% which had to be sorted out in Mexico. We then checked on the China supplier quality problems with our Chinese quality inspectors.

To find who we have, where we are, and the Mexican/Chinese supplier quality problems, contact Isabel at 
1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or +1 954 443 0046 - USA, 
Paty at +52 1 3310 522026,


Why do clients use MexControl in Mexico and China?

To solve quality and supplier performance problems. To get backup support

Here are some common reasons why customers use us to work with their Mexican and Chinese suppliers. If you feel that any of them apply to you, call us for a free, no obligation consultation now!

  • Difficulty in finding, contacting and/or visiting a supplier
  • Not knowing who the supplier is, what it is, where it is and whether it actually has a factory
  • Unable to trust or verify the supplier's information, especially those found through online platforms like Alibaba and referrals from sourcing agents or manufacturing agents.
  • The supplier provides products of inconsistent quality and reliability after the customer has approved the test sample and placed the purchase order
  • The supplier consistently revises the delivery dates after the customer has paid up in full or partially
  • The customer faces difficulty in getting a response from the supplier on technical, delivery, and quality issues
  • The supplier has all the industry certifications and qualifications and yet has a high defect rate most or all the time
  • The customer spends many days at the supplier's factory teaching manufacturing, engineering, and quality techniques on how to make the product, only to have the same (or more!) problems reappear after the customer leaves
  • The customer's agent was meant to be responsible for managing the supplier but the customer finds himself or herself having to deal with the supplier directly and push for corrective actions
  • The customer thought that the supplier was complying with the agreed Bill of Materials and technical blueprints, only to discover that the supplier had been making changes without the customer's knowledge
  • The customer is tired of continuously visiting suppliers, getting their grand hospitality, staying in hotels, long flights, and endless meetings where suppliers keep saying 'yes' but they don't actually do anything
contact for more information
To find out how MexControl can solve your quality problems, contact us at:

Or call for quick attention at:

Paty at +52 1 3310 522026
Isabel at 1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or +1 954 443 0046
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