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MexControl in China for Mexicans

Are you having manufacturing or supplier problems with Chinese suppliers and you cannot resolve them? MexControl is the only Mexican company inside China with Chinese staff that can solve your supplier problems. One of Mexico's biggest makers of water taps used Chinese suppliers who had product quality defect rates of over 20%. These defects had to be sorted out in Mexico. Our inspectors in China then worked onsite with the Chinese suppliers to implement corrective actions and resolve the problems.

To find who we have, where we are, and the Mexican/Chinese supplier quality problems, contact:
Isabel at 
1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or +1 954 443 0046 - USA,
Paty at +52 1 3310 522026,


Our Services

Automotive Quality Inside Mexico

MexControl has a nationwide network of technical and quality teams in Mexico. These teams are concentrated in locations where key manufacturing contract manufacturers are located with focus on electronic assemblies or automotive assemblies. Here are the locations where our Core Teams are based:

  • Toluca
  • Puebla
  • Saltillo
  • Nogales
  • Tijuana
  • Mexicali
  • Reynosa
  • Ciudad Juárez
  • Hermosillo
  • Monterrey
  • Matamoros
  • Chihuahua
  • Guadalajara
  • San Luis, Potosi
  • Aguascalientes

Mexcontrol Supplier Quality Management

Making quality better in Mexico is about having the right Mexican Team working with the US Customer Team. With MexControl you need only to specify what quality issues or production issues you are having with your suppliers inside Mexico. Suppliers' objective is to produce and delivery in any way they can. Buyers' objective is to get the right products, right time, and right quality. Our mission objective is to MAKE IT SO for supplier and customer.

Define your production or quality problems to us and we can define the solution and be the solution to your supplier quality management problems!

One Mexican supplier defines its problem with its customers as confused technical and quality specifications arising from different visits by his customer's engineering team, and then sporadically the customer's quality team. Different teams, different times create different opinion and changing criteria from different people. The problem was Communication and Synchronization. The Solution was for MexControl to put in place a Supplier Quality Management Coordinator. We define the needs for:

  • On Site Project Coordinator
  • Systems, Production and Process Audit
  • Manufacturing Capabilities Evaluation
  • Problems Resolution
  • AQAP and Source Inspection Plan
  • Tri-Party Manufacturing Data Feedback
  • Interactive MexControl Web Based Tools
contact for more information
To find out more about our work, our people and service in Mexico, contact us at:

Or Call for quick attention at:

Paty at +52 1 3310 522026
Isabel at 1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or +1 954 443 0046  
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