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Mexcontrol Projects

MexControl has been acquiring experiences and skills in managing Mexican manufacturing subcontractors for over 20 years. These are the projects which have cemented our position as Mexico's top manufacturing quality specialist in electronics assemblies and automotive components.

We provided quality control supervision for “golf club heads” which were being die casted for a leading US golf clubs manufacturer. This work required source inspections, material checks and system audits of the casting process. The supplier needed help in understanding the technical and quality requirements of the US buyer.  MexControl facilitated the engineering changes between the customer and supplier.

A major US telecommunications company concentrated its cell phone manufacturing in its Chihuahua factory. When its Mexican factory could not solve the quality and defect problems, MexControl was engaged to Make Quality Happen in that factory. We started with doing source inspections, conducting random FMEAs working on production models, carrying out process and production audits and acted as a technical feedback bridge between the Mexican Production Management and its US Distribution Center’s management. We ended this project after 14 months with 30 quality and technical personnel involved in line inspection, material control, incoming components inspection and system improvement.  Mexcontrol continues to be in this factory which was taken over by Foxconn.
In Juarez a major Dutch manufacturing contractor was putting together electronic dashboards for a Tier1 automotive supplier. There was a problem with the PCBs and plastic parts assemblies which were to be delivered to Guadalajara for final assembly. MexControl was assigned to Sort and Contain the problem in Juarez initially and then to source inspect the final products before shipment.
A major Japanese company in Tijuana makes and assembles LCD monitors and television sets for its US markets. Unfortunately, there were problems with incoming components from its overseas suppliers and its Mexican subcontractors. MexControl was used to check on incoming material and components, sort out the defects, and rework on some of them to facilitate production flow. Problems were corrected when MexControl activated its inspection teams in Juarez, Mexicali and Nogales and in China.
In Guadalajara one of the major manufacturers was assembling telecommunications equipment for its US telecommunication problems. The US customer preferred to use a US inspection company which had no experience in managing Mexicans in inspecting the finished products. The manufacturer did not like working with a US inspection company which never shared its quality reports with it. MexControl was hired to inspect the customer mandated inspection company’s work. We re-inspected the inspected items again for reasons of supplier feedback, quality feedback and quality inspection.

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