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Minimizing the Cost of Supplier Quality

A weak Supplier Quality Management Program has a high impact on your cost of poor quality. Our customers want us to grapple with these costs:

  • High Quality Rejects at IQA
  • High Level of Product Reworks
  • High Level of Factory Downturn
  • High Overseas Travel and Manpower Cost
  • Time Wasted in Looking for Alternative Suppliers
  • High Costs of Urgent Replacements

MexControl is your business partner in the management of your external suppliers in Mexico and China. We can supplement your external quality assurance with our supplier quality control services.

Active MexWork: Projects Completed

Quality Begins at the Source

Symbol Technologies engaged a large assembly of MexControl quality teams to source inspect and trouble shoot its scanner produced by a contract manufacturer. We began with a a few inspectors. As production rammed up and quality problems persisted our quality teams grew up to over 20 personnel. Our mission was to help the contractor improve its production quality and to reduce poor quality incoming materials. Symbol also dispatched our most experienced Mexican inspectors to Maine to sort out quality problems at a SMC factory.

For two years MexControl was assigned the tasks of sorting out functional and quality problems on the PC monitors assembled by Samsung's Tijuana factory for Dell Computers. We had 3 quality inspectors source inspecting and doing production audits on the unfinished products. MexControl was then assigned to work at a Guadalajara contract manufacturer which puts together Dell Computer designed motherboards. MexControl utilized its strong IPC and soldering knowledge to eliminate board defects. We provided continuous data feedback and worked with Dell engineers in getting the contract manufacturer into a state of self-control. A total of 15 inspectors were deployed for three years.

SONY USA commissioned MexControl with the tasks of working with its contracted manufacturers in Mexico. MexControl provided quality teams to control quality defects, implement corrective actions and provide steady reporting feedback on their suppliers' problem resolutions. SONY now uses MexControl in its Mexican factory to sort out incoming materials and components problems.

Motorola USA signed up MexControl to inspect its own products assembled in their Mexican factory. There were over 40 inspectors on different production lines and at different points counter-investigating quality related assembly problems. The Motorola factory is now a FoxConn factory in Chihuahua. MexControl is still in this FoxConn factory. Motorola has been our customer for over 7 years.

Supplier Management

Problems detected after the delivery of your order mean defects and problems end up at your warehouse. Reworking them in the US is expensive. Getting the suppliers to replace the defects after its delivery means time and cost wastage. Quality begins at the Source. MexControl Supplier Management is your added distance advance Quality Assurance control of your supply quality problems. After or before you sign a purchase contract with your new supplier, include us into your procurement supply control plan.

contact for more information
Contact for a quick breakdown of our work capabilities and cost of usage. Call Isabel at 1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or +1 954 443 0046  - USA, Paty at +52 1 3310 522026.

“ When companies outsource, they become “hostages” to a preferred supplier. The greater the reliance, the greater the difficulty in changing the supplier. We are compelled to live with the supplier quality problems, minimize the high cost impact of poor supplier quality or seek to improve the quality. Supplier Quality must be Controlled and Managed."

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