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MexControl is now AMREP Mexico. Please visit AMREP Mexico is an independent Mexican corporation in the global AMREP Supplier Management Services group.

To know more about AMREP:

MexTalk: About MexControl

Experiences Make Quality Happen

MexControl has over 15 years of experience working with leading US and Japanese companies. Our customers include:

Philips: Autosplice: Mextronics: Motorola: Ingenico: Schumacher Electric:Volvo: Borg Wagner: SONY: Flextronics: DELL: Lucent: and more.....

Our Customers look for and sign up Mexican contract manufactures to make the products. They signed up to MexControl to make supplier quality better. MexControl inspects, control and reduce quality costs, customer returns, sort out quality and technical problems, provide technical feedback, quick-time technical documentation management for suppliers and customers. MexControl is the Customer On-site supplier quality engineering department and problems solver.

MexControl has over 100 full-time quality and technical teams which are deployed to work on supplier problems in Mexico when needed. MexControl has excellent customer track records in automotive components, high tech electronics, telecommunications, and computer hardware products. There are quality and technical personnel with different skills in quality engineering, electronics, electrical, mechanical, metal stampings and die-casting usable for different customer products.

MexControl key Core Teams are located at:

  • Tijuana, Toluca, Nogales, Reynosa, Saltillo
  • Guadalajara, Hermosilla, Ciudad Juarez, Queretaro
  • Monterrey, Aguascalientes, Dermadera, Chihuahua
MexControl has Customer Service, Tasks and Project Coordinators in US offices to talk to your technical and quality professionals on immediate customer needs and actions in the US. We have technical and quality personnel always available in Mexico to follow up, communicate and provide supplier support in key Mexican cities.

contact for more information

Isabel at 1 800 692 8539 (toll-free) or +1 954 443 0046  in USA
Paty at +52 1 3310 522026 in Mexico

or Email:

Visit our new website:

If the Treo Smart PDA is working well, it is because MexControl had placed some 40 source and process inspectors at the contract manufacturer's Mexican facility to source inspect the incoming materials and components causing defects in the final assembly. We also did functional testing to detect color discolorization and pixel problems. The project went on for over 1 year. There were ups and downs in quality control. The good end result is that MexControl helped to minimize the problems, worked with the supplier in FMEA resolution and implemented corrective actions. All these were achieved through using only full-time personnel who were then transferred to other projects to apply their experiences. MexControl has supplier quality management solutions which we can share with you.

Contact Isabel at 1 800 692 8539 or +1 954 443 0046 or Paty at +52 13310 522026.
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