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MexPeople: Our Employees

People Make Us Successful in MexControl

No Company is An Island. Our people inside MexControl are an asset to Our Success. They make it possible for our Customer to get better quality from its Mexican suppliers.

For over 10 years, MexControl has operated as the extended supplier quality assurance division of many US companies. We are their supplier quality auditors, source inspectors, supplier quality reliability engineers and facilitators in resolving supplier/customer quality issues. Our Mexican quality and technical teams implement quality systems and product quality expectations, train supplier production teams and make delivery faster. Through working with many customers, our people have acquired and gained experiences in quality management systems and production methods. They have also gained strong product knowledge in electronics, automotives and metal work.

MexControl now has over 100 field employees. Here is a quick look at some of the work they do with Mexican suppliers:

  • Supplier Quality Audits
  • Contract Source Inspection
  • Pre-Contract Supplier Survey
  • Supplier Technical Quality Support
  • In-Process Quality Control/Monitoring
  • Supplier Product Quality Certification
  • Supplier Quality Systems Certification
  • Quality Reliability Analysis and Evaluation
  • Process Capability Analysis and Improvement
  • Supplier Quality Issues Facilitation/Implementation

Find out how we categorise our employees' skills and classify them!

Define your Customer Supplier and Quality Needs to MexControl and we will define our employees’ skills to your requirements.

Looking for work inside Mexico?
Be a MexControl Team Member!

MexControl is expanding. If you have any proven experiences in any of the work we are providing to our customers contact us at . Send us your resume. MexControl is now looking for Mexicans who can be trained on modern methods of interacting with US customers and Chinese suppliers! Do you want to be trained to compete against Chinese suppliers?

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